Why do we love our jobs?

For several reasons; the environment, the working conditions, the ambiance, and, not to mention, my job. Ever since I have been working here, my quality of life has changed for the better. I was able to arrange my schedule so that I could take Mondays off every other week to extended weekends. I also have never been in better shape since I can train during my lunch break in the onsite gym. I also no longer have the stress of driving in traffic, even though I still live 50 minutes away. Driving away from town towards the countryside is refreshing and fun. Having worked for several other companies, I can genuinely say that it is extraordinary here at Devolutions.
~ France Lymburner, customer experience coordinator
When you first walk into Devolutions, you are bound to experience the amazing atmosphere. At first glance, you will notice the game rooms, a gym, snacks, and coffee cups everywhere, as well as a relaxed working environment. But the secret to its success is not just the cool stuff, but the incredible company culture around you. It's an unbelievable feeling to know that the leadership team is here to serve you and is genuinely concerned in helping you succeed. Plus, there are so many interesting and fun people here, you're bound to make friends quickly! All in all, this place is simply amazing.
~ Yann Lemasson, digital content specialist
I like working at Devolutions because I don’t have to come wearing a jacket, skirt, and blouse. I can come in my jeans and a comfy sweater, and it’s perfect! I also love that Devolutions is always eager to help develop its employees, providing us the tools and training we need to grow!
~ Laury Archambault, accounting clerk
Because here, I can tackle big projects which provides a nice challenge.
~ Marc-André Moreau, Wayk product manager
I like working here for several reasons. Besides the friendly atmosphere, the people I work alongside are passionate and dedicated to achieving results. The sense of community is definitely felt, and everyone sincerely desires to see the company grow. It is a rare thing today to see high performance mingled with pleasure, yet here, I see that every single day. Finally, I sincerely believe that the leadership team at Devolutions is fully committed to our well-being in every decision that they make.
~ Elizabeth Walsh, Human Resources Officer
I really enjoy the atmosphere here. Yes, we have a lot of work to get done, but they give us a lot of liberty to get it done.
~ Érica Poirier, Service Desk Technician
I like working here because of the atmosphere, and also since it's close to home. It's also relaxed and pretty chill, and we have some nice advantages along with the amazing Devolutions community.
~ Samuel Baker, Software Developer
France Lymburner
Yann Lemasson
Laury Archambault
Marc-André Moreau
Elizabeth Walsh
Érica Poirier
Samuel Baker


Through our annual survey, we encourage our employees to share their opinions and thoughts so that we can improve our organization and create an amazing and unique work environment.

Febuary 16, 2022: Once again we were awarded the "Remarkable Employer" prize

At Devolutions, we like to stay active in a variety of ways! Whether physically, through activities, or socially as part of our corporate culture, we are continually finding ways to stand out and show our pride!